Monday, May 24, 2010

Things I've learned

(1) Identify every piece.
(2) Dry fit everything before installing anything.
(3) Decide on a complete color scheme -- paint and paper -- *before* beginning.
(4) Get a pencil and mark *every* surface with the color to be painted.
(5) Put a tarp on the table, not newspaper.
(6) Check to see if there's a pdf of instructions from the manufacturer and compare it to the instructions that come with the model.
(7) Write out detailed instructions for myself of every step to follow.
(8) Ask Mike to review my instructions and make (inevitable) suggestions for doing it better.
(9) Ask Mike for help frequently *before* proceeding to do something wrong.
(10) Design some kind of rack for holding pieces to be painted.
(11) Prime everything to be painted.
(12) Keep it simple.

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